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General Rules for the Consultation

The General Rules for the consultation known as “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis 2” includes the main information related to the organisation of the call for projects and the procedures for tendering. Click on the link below to download this document.

A selection of sites put forward by the Mayors of Grand Paris

The call for projects includes sites which have been selected by towns cities belonging to the Greater Paris Metropolis. These sites are located within and around the metropolis area. Each candidate site was visited by an elected representative of the Metropolis, accompanied by the partner institutions of the call for projects. In addition to the visits, technical studies were carried out for each site. Selected sites were chosen because the cities provided the necessary guarantees regarding control of the land which would be transferred to the winning candidates. The selection committee selected 30 sites embodying the Metropolis and composed of different types of land: unique sites in urban centres, parcels in natural settings, atypical heritage sites, pieces of land undergoing significant change, etc.

Innovation, the beating heart of Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis 2

The great diversity of the sites is an international call to the creativity of all talented individuals to help shape the new face of the Metropolis: architects, urban planners, property developers, investors, start-ups, researchers and even associations or citizen organisations. Because the meeting of different ecosystem universes and skills favours the emergence of new ideas and this call for projects is relying on “open innovation”. Interested candidates will have the freedom to form teams which will surprise the jury and compete with new ideas about the diversity of urban use, architecture and urban planning, cultural and sports activities, logistical or digital mobility, environmental exemplarity, social innovation and citizen participation.

General approach and expectations

Candidate teams must be committed to complying with the general guidelines and criteria common to all the sites, which are defined by the general rules of the consultation, while also complying with the specific requirements for each site.

For each site, the initial application, followed by the tender, will be assessed and selected according to precise criteria.

During the application phase, selection criteria is not ranked in importance :

  • Legal and financial soundness of the team representative
  • Quality and appropriateness of the references in relation to the challenges to be addressed for the site and the overall project
  • Urban and programming ambitions
  • Environmental ambition
  • Ambition to innovate

During the tender phase, selection criteria is not ranked in importance :

  • Innovative nature of the project
  • Urban and architectural quality of the project
  • Quality of the project
  • Environmental performance and adaptation to climate change
  • Legal and financial Framework
  • Sales price

Download document

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