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“Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” has become the largest urban and architectural consultation in Europe and has generated a huge mobilization.

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The finalists of the 2nd edition of Inventing Greater Paris Metropolis will soon be reveiled!

The juries selected, among the 224 candidates, the finalists for the second step.

See you on October 16th at the Courbevoie Event Center for the announcement of the 84 finalists !

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Patrick Ollier
Patrick Ollier
President of Greater Paris Metropolis

Let us continue working together to make the Greater Paris Metropolis shine!

The Greater Paris Metropolis has just celebrated its second anniversary. Since its creation, it has had the strategic mission of creating the required conditions for a coherent and virtuous urban development plan by combining the implementation of concrete actions (Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis, project management of the Olympic Aquatic Centre) and the preparation of documents for the demanding and ambitious planning of this dense urban area (Urban Coherence Plan, Metropolitan Climate, Air & Energy Plan, Metropolitan Environment & Housing Plan, Metropolitan Digital Urban Development Plan).

The first round of the call for projects known as “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis”, which was co-organised with the State and Société du Grand Paris, was the largest urban and architectural consultation in Europe. This initiative generated 7.2 billion euros of private investment and 2.6 million square metres of land for the projects. The exceptional mobilisation of the construction sector and the boldness of the innovation creators, in response to this invitation to action, have contributed to making the Greater Paris Metropolis one of the most innovative and advanced urban areas in the world.

The success of this approach, which was made possible by the unprecedented support of mayors, real estate players, investors and designers, has demonstrated that the Greater Paris Metropolis is producing evident results after only two years of existence. These results are clear and concrete signs of its action and show that the Greater Paris Metropolis is becoming one of the main drivers of France’s influence and attractiveness.

Thanks to these results, I have decided to launch a new round of this call for innovative urban projects.

This 2nd round of “Inventing the Greater Paris Metropolis” aims to unite all stakeholders around the construction of an innovative, socially-supportive and sustainable metropolis.
Innovation is the DNA at the heart of the call for projects. Innovative initiatives will serve to meet the challenges facing our municipalities today. Anticipating future lifestyles, preparing the energy transition, promoting an architectural approach that is both bold and respectful of the multiple identities of Grand Paris and deploying urban digital services will be among the challenges to be addressed in the new call for projects.

Let us continue our actions together to invigorate the Greater Paris Metropolis!